Keep the pictures. They never change, only the people in them do.
~ Thursday, August 23 ~

082312 - Link Crew Orientation was today for half of my other freshmen, and boy was it incredibly awesome!! I love my freshmen to death, no joke. They are the best freshmen alive that I love so dearly much ♥ Most of my freshmen showed up today, so all the hardwork of making them notebooks totally payed off!! Ahaha :’) I’m glad that I became a Link Crew Leader because meeting these incoming freshmen was just an amazing experience!! They were so into it, and I could have also done it successfully without my fantastic partner, Devin!! He’s a great person and everyone loves him, I mean…you can’t this guy! Ahaha. I’m glad I had him as a partner cause we worked pretty well together :) My freshmen are so cute!!!! And so athletic, make me feel so…unathletic! LOL. Lions in the Making was so fun!! We danced the Ellen Degeneere’s Way, loool. And I got to see some of my freshmen!! Whoo. The dance was fun too! I wish the music was well played though, but still great!! Anyway, I can’t wait for school to start!! I’m planning on thinking of giving them some gifts!! I’M A BAD MOTHER DUCKLING FOR SPOILING THEM, LOOOL.

P.S. THIS WHOLE WEEK, I LACKED SLEEP. LOOOL. Now tomorrow a date with APUSH, oh noes ): 

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