Keep the pictures. They never change, only the people in them do.
~ Saturday, October 27 ~

102712  - Story of my life, LOL. Pretty Little Liars + Food + My Pillow Pets = MY LIFE <3 AHAHHA..on a lonely saturday night. </3

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~ Sunday, October 14 ~

101412 - Went shopping with family :’) Got myself a flannel that I actually wanted to match with my beanie and my leopard scarf!!! WHOO :D 

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~ Sunday, October 7 ~

100712 - Making Strides Against Breast Cancer w/ Segerstrom Red Cross & Westminster Red Cross! Definitely another amazing year that we helped out :) A year to also celebrate my friendship with Ana!! That’s where we met and just clicked :D She’s amazing and Segerstrom Red Cross are awesome!! Hehe, look at the 2 pictures below, they love me :x We had a handful of our RC members come out!! Kudos to them and being so spirited and awesome!! Can’t wait to help again next year! ♥ 

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~ Friday, August 31 ~

~ Thursday, August 23 ~

082312 - Link Crew Orientation was today for half of my other freshmen, and boy was it incredibly awesome!! I love my freshmen to death, no joke. They are the best freshmen alive that I love so dearly much ♥ Most of my freshmen showed up today, so all the hardwork of making them notebooks totally payed off!! Ahaha :’) I’m glad that I became a Link Crew Leader because meeting these incoming freshmen was just an amazing experience!! They were so into it, and I could have also done it successfully without my fantastic partner, Devin!! He’s a great person and everyone loves him, I mean…you can’t this guy! Ahaha. I’m glad I had him as a partner cause we worked pretty well together :) My freshmen are so cute!!!! And so athletic, make me feel so…unathletic! LOL. Lions in the Making was so fun!! We danced the Ellen Degeneere’s Way, loool. And I got to see some of my freshmen!! Whoo. The dance was fun too! I wish the music was well played though, but still great!! Anyway, I can’t wait for school to start!! I’m planning on thinking of giving them some gifts!! I’M A BAD MOTHER DUCKLING FOR SPOILING THEM, LOOOL.

P.S. THIS WHOLE WEEK, I LACKED SLEEP. LOOOL. Now tomorrow a date with APUSH, oh noes ): 

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~ Saturday, August 18 ~

081612 - Spent a whole day with Tina! Hehe, even though we didn’t get happy hour…we got some l&l!! Spam & Chicken Katsu Musubi :’) Derrlicious <3 And then we went to petco and saw some cute critters!! :D It was Tina first time seeing some critters, ahaha xD And then we went to the movie rental place to rent a movie! But we didn’t get to rent cause Tina’s cash card went whack )): But I learned something interesting about Tina! She likes scary movies o.o I AM TOTAL OPPOSITE, LOL…Ended up watching Brave and yeah :D Strawberries and Green tea ice cream :) 

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081512 - Caught up with one of my old friends and had shave snow ice for the very first time!! Totally the best, aha. Surprisingly bumped into Hanson when I was in the car and he got us a discount when we reached to Snow Station!! I love you Hanson <3 Aha. Had the very best shave snow ice flavors which were: Taro, Green Tea, Lychee, & Mango. Toppings: Green Tea Mochi, Strawberries, Mangoes, & Lychee Poppers!! Whoo, and then got some 7leaves which I was craving for, mung bean boba!! Then headed to Emily’s house and decided to take a picture while waiting :) Great day!!!! …Now time to stop lagging on my daily posts, aha. School’s coming back!!! NOOOO.

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~ Sunday, August 12 ~

081012 - So this is where we took Anna after the kbbq! Signal Hill, my first time there too :-) It was incredible!! THE VIEW WAS SPECTACULAR! HEHE…I blinded folded Anna & made her deaf with her kpop songs and all ~ <3 But yeah, it was a great way to end her belated birthday day =) And there, we gave her a turtle pendant! :D I’m glad she liked it!!! :-) Happy Belated Birthday Anna! 

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081012 - Took Anna out for her belated birthday dinner + surprise :) Went to her kbbq buffet that she wanted to go since Confirmation 2 ended…so we took her! On the way, we sort of got lost…LOL, and with Andros “amazing” driving skills…he managed to get his car up on the curb…ahaha. Food was alright and side dishes. The vanilla ice cream was to die for! LOL….too good :D But the grill kept splattering oil on me, omg ): 

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~ Sunday, July 29 ~

073112 - Okay, this is suppose to be one of my friend’s birthday, Anna! Basically a collage I attempted to make and edit, so sorry if it looks bleh. Anyway, this girl is one of the most amazing people in my life I had met! She’s sweet, funny, and she’s not afraid to stand up for herself! I’m glad that I met her within our church community and the same high school we both go to! So starting off, we met from ICPS in our freshman year and we had so many memories from that one class! Doing labs with her was so funny…dude, I’m trying to remember that one word Kelsey kept saying and it was so funny…was it spotting? Idk, that one tube word I forgot! LOL. Then we got closer as we both helped out for Confirmation 1 Retreat! The Missing Peace! TLC FTW <3 From then on, we both saw each other at school and had tiny convos here and there…then I remember visiting you on your first day of TNTT in Feb. You’re skit was funny, haha…still remember! Then you came to my surprise birthday party! I really loved your gift, and I’m currently using it right now at the moment, hehe. When I told you I was dancing for my middle school’s cultural night, you wanted to join and without a doubt, you performed with us…you’re such a freaking amazing dancer…I envy how fast you can learn the choreography and look so natural and dance so legit! Following that, the next picture shows us of finally getting confirmed! Now we’re beginning our spiritual journey without religious education classes…….lol. I’m glad that you help in our giao ly retreats ‘cause now it feels like you’re in our viet formation family!<3 We went out to eat at Dino’s and had some yummy food….you fell in love with the wings I believe, aha. And then the last day of school! You were taking pictures with everyone, you silly hoose! LOL. And lastly, the recent picture I have with you is at Legio Camp, where I was exposed to my first camping experience since 6th grade camp…and boy, with you and Andros…camp was fun! There’s so much to say about you Anna, but I just wanna say you’re a wonderful friend (with the hugs I love), and I hope you have a fantabulous birthday! ‘Cause you deserve it and I’m sorry I can’t say this on your special day! But when I come back, we’re hanging!!!!♥ Love mucho, Brittnay (:

P.S. Our trips for some Arizona Tea on Pre-Retreat Nights ♥

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